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15 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Like You Are Reliving Your Childhood

It's easy to just leave your childhood in the past and try to only focus on the future, but every once and a while something will catch your eye and send you right back into your memories. No matter how hard you try to repress those memories they always come crawling back.

At least you can sometimes control when and where you experience them, and we'd thought we help by giving you a few images that might trigger some particularly strong memories.

Check out these 15 pictures that will transport you to your childhood.

Gatorade Sweat

Spud Guns

Teddy Ruxpin

Scratch n' Sniff Stickers

Disc Guns

These things that are apparently called Oil Turners

The white VHS cases

The sand-filled geckos

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Hit Clips

These (terrible) scissors from elementary school

Pocket Critters

Playing games on your McDonald's trays featuring all your McDonaldland friends

Eating dinner out of one of these

Playing one of the most stressful games ever

Or the weird stretchy toys

Which of these were the most familiar? Not done revisiting your childhood yet? Click to see more here and make sure you let us know which brought back the most memories!