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15 Snacks We Loved As Much As The TV Shows They Were Based On

Any company that made kids' cartoons in the 90s wanted nothing more than to get our hard-earned money (or more likely our parents's hard-earned money), and what better way to do that than by advertising the hell out of your show?

Of course there were toys, games, books, and all the usual stuff. BUT, if you're anything like me, chances are the things you remember best are the delicious treats that they encouraged us to get at the supermarket. In particular, these 15 snacks are some really fond memories.

I'd definitely much rather pour myself a box of Fruity Pebbles than actually watch The Flintstones


They even had their own ice cream! Remember Push-Ups?

Or their own juice boxes, which tasted way better than those chewable vitamins


Remember heating up one of these bad boys in the toaster oven?


Back when our favorite canned pasta crossed over with our not-quite-favorite giant mutants


They even did it for an entire team of mutants!


Seriously, these next few snacks might actually be better than their shows...

These delicious green monstrosities


When our favorite "fruit" snack got even better thanks to our favorite cartoons!

Betty Crocker

Anyone remember when we could literally eat Bart's shorts?

Character Snackfoods

I barely even remember Life With Louie, let alone that he had a pasta from a Chef Boyardee knockoff

Fox Kids

What's better than macaroni and cheese? Mac and cheese shaped like MARIO CHARACTERS of course!


Of course there were real Scooby Snacks


Now you could even eat your favorite living toys! ...Wait


These absolutely insane-looking Simpsons Pop-Tarts


And of course, these unintentionally creepy Ninja Turtles ice pops


Which of these snacks did you love as a kid?