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20 Pages From The 1991 Wish Book That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again


Sears Wish Books were basically the best thing ever. I think we can all agree that when we would receive them in the middle of summer we would immediately start planning our Christmas lists. Some kids would start marking up the pages even before our parents could see it. They probably didn't love when we would do that, but we got it first!

We have already shown you a few other Wish Books, including 1983 and 1990, but what did Christmas wish lists look like in 1991?

You've got to be excited if it is in the Super Values section!

If you owned a Video Painter you were so lucky, they were the best!

You can also challenge your friends to an epic laser tag battle with the Lazer Pro 9000

But probably be more careful than these kids because he's about to get a laser beam in his eye

Just what ever parent wants: Something to make their kids even louder

In 1991, there was nothing more important than your roller blades and your skateboard

Or your super cool car

Honestly, most of these sweaters could still be worn today and no one would bat an eye

Look! It's the first version of Wikipedia! It cost $11 monthly but you would have access to the Columbia Encyclopedia

This is what was called a compact camcorder in 1991:

Trust me, they just keep getting better...

Do you think it's a little mean that they made a fish tank in Garfield's belly?

Okay, 1991, what are you even doing with this

While you were busy ripping out pages with toys on them, our moms were planning their classy outfits to wear to the company Christmas party

Or a fun date night dress

Or perhaps a nice casual look

You'd try to pick out the coolest snowsuit imaginable

Osh Kosh B'Gosh were basically a requirement

The perfect look for middle school

What an impressive jacket collection

If your parents were really cool they could get some "His 'N Her Leather Blazers"

Do you remember looking through the Wish Book every Christmas?