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20 Things That Will Almost Make You Miss Going Back To School

With all the kids packing up their binders and brand new agendas, it's easy to get nostalgic. There were a lot of moments that made school super fun when we were kids. Our responsibilities were limited to what we had to do for homework and that was it.

Looking back, school isn't really anything like what it used to be. Kids today have no idea what it was like back in our day, but I'm sure every generation says the same thing about the one that comes next. How many of these memorable things do you recognize from your experience in elementary school?

Hitting a huge bump on the bus and going flying in your seat

Getting brand new binders every year that are clean and ready to get the 'S' all over them

How good it felt when your pencil sharpener actually worked

And how bad it was when it just chewed up your pencil into an enormous mess

Seeing those classic borders around the classroom of cursive writing

Gym mats and how they were essentially useless

Almost losing a finger to the scooter boards

How bad those pinnies all smelled

But how good it was to play with that giant parachute

How using the school-provided scissors was absolutely the worst

What else do you remember about being in school?

Playing with glue on your hand


Passing notes in class, but they had to be folded like this

Writing words in calculators

Dreading the times when you would have to copy notes from the projector

Living for the days when the book orders or the book fair would come in

Knowing your teacher would have one of those fancy chalk holders

Dan Rinnert

Trying to express your personality through your school supplies, whether it was colorful Lisa Frank folders or efficient Five Star binders.

Getting to play 'Heads Up, 7-Up"

The satisfaction of making a long sword out of markers or those cubes for math class

Knowing the day was done when you put your chair up on your desk

How glad are you now that you don't have to go back to school? Even though we are all a little nostalgic, there is nothing that could make us go back there. Share if you agree!