9 Things All 90s Girls Did When They Had A Crush

Ah, young love. There's nothing like it!

Remember the days when you didn't have Tinder or texting or Facebook or eHarmony or Snapchat or ANYTHING remotely helpful? It was just you, the boy you liked, and a landline phone. That was it. Hope you have his phone number.

It was wildly stressful having a crush in the '90s. And frankly it still is. Maybe try using some of these '90s "flirting" tactics in your love life today and see if they help!

1. You seriously considered a full makeover.

If 90s movies taught us anything, it's that outer beauty is the only thing boys care about. Better make sure that crimped hair is juuuuuust right.

2. You wrote out "Mrs. (crush's name) to see if it sounded natural.

If it didn't flow, he wasn't the one. And if all your notebooks weren't covered in his name, then you obviously didn't care about him that much.

3. If you were brave, you passed notes with your crush.

"Do you think this class is boring? Check "no" for no, check "yes" for I'm in love with you let's get married."

4. If you were already friends with your crush, you dropped subtle hints.

Okay, so they were about as subtle as a gun. "OMG my friend said this TOTALLY funny thing the other day. She said you and I would make a cute couple HAHAHA isn't that totally heinous? Unless you're into it."

5. You couldn't social media stalk, so you had to actually stalk.

If he was going to the movies on Friday, suddenly you were, too. '90s kids are the MASTERS of the accidental bump in, because it's all we had.

6. You actually called him...ON THE PHONE!!

You would strategically find his phone number and then call him. But you had to have a reason. Homework, bike troubles, "omg wrong number ahahaha anyway since I have you, what's up?"

7. You made sure to use email so he knew you were hip with the times.

Plus, with email you could show your friends what he said and then spend hours deciphering every period, comma, and question mark.

8. You would read their AOL screen name and then try to mirror it so they thought you had something in common.

If he posted about being bored, so did you. Then it was a perfect conversation started. Either that, or you made your screen name something really emo so they knew you were ~deep~

9. You ultimately planned your life together.

They were unaware, but your wedding was going to be beautiful. And your three kids, Julia, David, and Katie, were going to go to the same school you go to now. And your dog was going to be named Max. And you'd spend Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas Day with yours. Now if only you could strike up the courage to talk to him...

Did you do any of these things? Let us know!