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20 Bedding Sets That Every 90s Kid Dreamed Of Having When They Were Kids

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I know that when most 90s kids looked through the Sears Wishbook, they focused on the toys. I definitely spent my fair share of time flipping through the pages of Barbies and Lego, but there was always one section that I couldn't resist and I cannot be the only one.

Every single year, I would flip through the toys first, but then move on with excitement to the bedding section. Seeing all the latest and greatest comforters and blankets always brought a smile to my face.

I don't know how many Christmases I asked for a "Bed-in-a-Bag" set that would give me sheets, pillow cases, and a new comforter featuring whatever new Disney movie I was obsessed with that year or the new TV shows that I was watching.

There were so many different sheet sets and printed comforters, and each and every one seemed like the perfect thing to give your room that unique style.

The problem was, most of us (including me) almost never got new blanket sets. Did it ever stop me from looking? No.

But because we would go for sleepovers at our friends houses, or even just plan our dream rooms, we remember a lot of the iconic sets we always wished for.

How many of these were you begging your parents for?

1. Power Rangers

Which Power Ranger was your favorite? I always liked the yellow one.

2. Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil didn't get enough love. I guess he was kind of destructive, but he was a delight when he wanted to be!

3. The Lion King

The Lion King was one of the most influential movies of the entire decade, so it makes sense that there were a lot of decor options that would bring all your favorite characters home.

4. New Kids On The Block

As one of the country's most popular boy bands, it makes sense that the would end up with merchandise. People would buy whatever they could that had their faces on it.

5. Wishbone

He was everyone's favorite dog, and the PBS show taught us a lot. It was so cute to see him in his little outfits, so if you were lucky enough to have these, I am very jealous.

6. Goosebumps

Now, Goosebumps may be a great book series and a wonderful show, but I don't know that I would want the spooky characters on my sheets, but to each their own!

7. Barney

He loves you, and you love him, so why not get your sheets to show off your big purple dinosaur friend?

8. Batman

Whether it was the animated series, the movies, or the reruns of the old Adam West show, Batman was everywhere. To be completely honest, I would still use these sheets if they came in a bigger size...

9. Barbie

Everyone loved Barbie, and let's be real, they still do. Barbie is still one of the most popular toys out there and it just goes to show that this classic will live on forever!

10. The Smurfs

Long before those live-action reboots, The Smurfs stole our hearts with their simple cartoons.

11. Bugs Bunny and Sylvester

I don't know why exactly Bugs Bunny is wearing his pants likes he's a member of Kris Kross, but I guess it was the 90s so who can judge.

12. 101 Dalmatians

I am about 99.9% certain that my little cousin had these sheets and I was SUPER jealous about it. I was completely obsessed with 101 Dalmatians and I wanted my entire room to be covered from floor to ceiling.

13. Rugrats

They were the coolest babies around and we couldn't get enough of their show.

14. Furby

Now, Furby always kind of freaked me out, but that didn't mean I didn't want one. However the blankets and sheets seemed to be a little bit much for me.

15. Crash Test Dummies

The show Crash Test Dummies didn't really last all that long, but apparently their merchandise is still out there.

16. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Donlad, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Daisy all make an appearance on these epic sheets.

17. The Little Mermaid

These were the ones that I had on my bed when I was young! I am fairly certain I still have the pillow case at home somewhere because I refused to get rid of it!

18. Jasmine

I think we can all agree that Raja is one of the best animal counterparts in any Disney movie so it's nice to see her displayed so prominently.

19. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was part of the reason for everyone's big dinosaur obsession in the 90s and these were just one of the options out there. Whether you went for a more realistic dinosaur or a cartoon dinosaur, it didn't matter, they were all good choices.

20. Space Jam

Its got your favorite Looney tunes on there, its got Michael Jordan, and of course its got the Monstars. Space Jam was a true gift to us 90s kids.

Can you still remember what your bed sheets looked like when you were a kid? Were you one of the lucky ones with the matching comforter sets?

Who else spent half of their childhood at sleepovers? Obviously you had to have cool sheets if you were going to have friends in your room!

The bedding was just the half of it, there were a lot of essentials you needed to complete your room in the 90s.