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Seeing Celebrities' Homes From The 90s Is Like Stepping Through A Time Machine

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Who else has a very vivid memory of what their house looked like in the 90s? Everyone's house has specific look depending on what their parents were into at the time.

In our house we had green wall-to-wall carpets, a blue couch that was almost a velvet texture and of course, a lazy boy recliner.

In our basement we had a hand-me-down couch from my grandparents that looked like it had seen better days. It was basically just the scratchiest material ever but it didn't matter because it was ours.

Our houses may not have looked as cool as the ones on TV, but it was homey and that's all that mattered.

Celebrities obviously have it very different. They don't need to get the cheapest couch at Ikea or wait for a big sale, they have enough money to decorate however they want. The thing is, sometimes the results are pretty outrageous.

Between Barbra Steisand's Malibu house and Sylvester Stallone's statue of himself, these star's homes in the 90s were pretty incredible to see.

Barbra Streisand's Malibu Home

In 1993, Steisand gave a tour of her home to Architectural Digest and boy, it's a lot. No one else would be able to make a house that looked like hers.

She did what she could to keep everything in a similar Deco style, because she "thought it would be a really interesting exercise to have one theme.”

Her living room is pretty remarkable, with rounded red and white furniture, a rug with the same colors and a bunch of tables with multiple levels.

Her kitchen went with a really dark theme, with black cabinets, black counters, black appliances, with just a few hints of red that are picked up in the flooring. It honestly looks a little bit smaller than what I would have expected, but I guess Barbra must cook that much...

Anjelica Huston's Venice home

Anjelica Huston's house has a pretty distinctive look, with a big white wall with interesting cut outs that surround what looks like a fireplace.

But the basement has a much more lived in feel, complete with pool table and pictures covering the walls. It's definitely a lot more relaxed.

Winona Ryder's Beverly Hills Home

Ryder had a really comfy looking home with big plants, a warm fireplace and a plush sofa and chair. It looks like the fanciest resort you would ever go to.

Val Kilmer's Santa Fe Home

Val Kilmer said that he tried to design his home in a way that "would be reflective of the values of the land and of the style, movement and tradition of the area." He's got a big display of axes, stones, and artifacts from Africa and some comfy looking chairs.

Sylvester Stallone's Miami Home

We may all know him as Rocky Balboa, but he actually had a room in his house where he would paint.

But don't worry, he also thinks of himself as Rocky and had a bronze statue made of his character that sits at the end of his pool.

Michael Keaton's California Ranch

The former Batman actor had his own horse stable and the house that looks like the perfect country home.

His nice dinning room actually looks perfect. It's got exposed beams, a roaring fireplace and a rustic light fixture.

Michael J. Fox's Manhattan Apartment

Fox's apartment in Manhattan is absolutely enormous, which makes sense he was one of the biggest stars of the 90s. Look at that living room!

Clint Eastwood's California Ranch

He restored an old farmhouse in Carmel, California, and it actually looks like the kind of house you could go in without being terrified that you'd break everything.

Which of these houses would you have enjoyed living in in the 90s? Personally, I think Winona's looks the most comfortable. How about you?

While these houses are on the higher end, they aren't the only ones that look straight out of the 90s. There was one for sale recently that looked like it would be straight out of Saved by the Bell.

Source - Architectural Digest / Architectural Digest