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How to Throw a 1920s Gatsby Party

The Roaring TwentiesEver considered what it was like to be alive during the roaring twenties? The Roaring Twenties, more commonly known as the 1920s, were a decade of contrasts. The First World War had ended in victory, and peace and wealth had returned with it. The battles had proven to be quite profitable for some. During the war, manufacturers and providers of items for the war effort profited and became extremely wealthy, indeed life had never been better for the aristocracy and wealthy classes. In the cities, nightclubs, jazz clubs, cocktail bars and casino themed entertainment thrived. For some, the

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Looking Back at the Weirdest (and Most Cringey) Social Media Trends of the 2010s

The 2010s were an active time for the internet worldwide. They saw the birth of Instagram, influencers, digital marketing, notable dance crazes, and memes that practically immortalized some people (and cats). So read on to see some of the weirdest and most cringey social media trends of the 2010s.The Gallon Smashing ChallengeThis challenge involved smashing gallons of fluid in random places. It was weird because there is honestly no good reason to purposely smash a gallon. We all know that if a full gallon falls hard enough it is likely to explode, so why do this? It created massive

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Ridotto – The World’s First Gambling House

Gambling has been an intrinsic part of human nature and existence for thousands of years, maybe more. Some experts are of the opinion that gambling is even connected to the history of human kind itself. Archaeologists have stumbled upon gambling game artifacts like the tile game from ancient Chinese civilizations and Ancient Egypt takes credit for having come up with the world’s oldest known dice. Art on pottery and in the form of paintings even depict people betting on animal fights, as well as the breeding of animals specifically for the purpose of fights which people would bet on.


The Most Popular Vacation Spots of the 80s

Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, real-life holidays did not always include a trip to Wally World or a 50s style back to the future experience.In reality, a vacation in the 1980s looked like a modern vacation but without the SPF. On the home front, employed Americans took more vacation time than their modern-day counterparts and undoubtedly found it much easier to unwind. So it's more important to your health than ever to take a vacation and make it as memorable as possible.Just because the 1980s are a few decades in the past doesn't mean we can't


A History of the Golden Age of Arcade Games

Sonic the Hedgehog originally appeared in the world in 1995, during the acid house era. But it's been nearly 40 years since the first arcade games appeared.Since then, the world has changed, and so has the gaming business. Arcade games have come and gone, handheld consoles have appeared, died out, and then reappeared, and now mobile phones have monopolized the gaming market.Let's take a long detailed look at where it all started and see where the games we've all grown to love came from.Where It StartedVideo games first became popular in the 1950s, but it wasn't until

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Best Betting Strategies for Newbies

UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Formula 1, Tennis, Basketball, or winter sports. No matter your preferences, there are major sporting events across the planet almost every day. Meanwhile, betting providers have become as much a part of sports as football stadium beer and sausage. Of course, people interested in sports betting often ask themselves: what should I bet on?For example, do I have to make a single bet? Or should I combine some tips? Read along and find out the proper answers on the topic of betting strategies.Check out some of the to-be mentioned topics throughout this article:

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How retro gaming became so popular

Classic games are all the rage nowadays. Whilst big titles and AAA games still rule the marketplace, people have now started to turn back to retro gaming; in essence, their childhood as the gaming industry continues to thrive despite the financial pressures the rest of the world is currently facing. What’s all the fuss? There are any number of reasons why people might now be turning to their old games consoles, but it could be something as simple as boredom. There are only so many times that you can play through the same set of missions on games like

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Natural Supplements to Boost Your Productivity and Focus

Staying focused and productive throughout the day seems like something that anyone and everyone should be able to achieve, but life often has different plans. Getting enough sleep and eating healthy are essential when it comes to brain function and activity. However, stress and outside sources such as kids or pets can make it challenging to get a good night’s rest or focus on one task at a time. A busy schedule may interfere with eating healthy meals throughout the day.Whether you’re at work or hanging out with family or friends, being able to stay focused on


Iconic Female Empowerment Films From the 90s and 00s

Women have been working hard to prove their worthiness in reality and especially in the 90s TV and culture industry. Females have had to struggle with getting past beauty and sexism while proving their worth in the workplace. Let's take the first example of female empowerment films from the 90s and 00s.Legally BlondeThis is the story of a young woman who on the outside had it all. She was beautiful, sexy, and came from a privileged background. Yet, all she thought she really wanted was her old boyfriend back. She thought she could win his love by earning a

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Online Casino: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Playing

The number of online casino users is constantly on the rise. This is largely down to the number of advantages it has over land-based casinos. It provides a greater level of convenience, there's an array of games to play, and enticing bonuses are also available. However, it is important you don't just run into playing at the first online casino you come across after a quick Google search. Plus, if you're a beginner to the world of casinos, there are various pitfalls you need to avoid – otherwise, you could end up losing a lot more than just money. Below are