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10 Board Games That Ruined Our Friendships

Board games are meant to be fun times for family and friends, but in the case of these 10 games, they were much better at turning us against each other and making it so that we hated the people we love most!

Let's get this out of the way: Monopoly should never be played with anybody you want to stay on good terms with.


Battleship was a great way to wipe the floor with your friend if they were predictable.

Milton Bradley

Risk is frustrating as hell because the second you start to show weakness, everyone WILL gang up on you.

Avalon Hill

If you're not great with words, do NOT play Scrabble against people who are. You will not have fun.


13 Dead End Drive was all about killing your friends, and of course some feelings were going to get hurt.

Board Game Geek

Twister was a great time until your jerk of a friend fell right on you and crushed your hand.


Pictionary will have you yelling at your friends for not being able to guess what your drawing is.


Want to fight over wheat? Settlers of Catan is the game for you!

Geek Native

Pretty much every version of the party game Werewolf encourages you not only to lie to your friends, but also to pin your crimes on them!

Game Fanatic

The worst of them all, Diplomacy actively encourages you to stab your friends in the back.


What board game ruined your friendships as a kid?