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Did You Know Your Favorite Game From The 90s Is Still Around?

Having time in the computer lab in the 90s was always a special treat. It always felt like such a privilege because when you would go home to tell your parents they would say things like "wow, back in our day it was only typewriters!" They were all those amazing and educational games that you could play like Oregon Trail, Math Blaster, Type-To-Learn and most importantly: Kid Pix.

Kid Pix was the absolute greatest. It wait like Paint but 800 times better. I feel like the most memorable part was the sound effects.  Every single thing you could do had it's own sound effect, so the whole computer lab would be filled with explosions and laughing children.

But did you know Kid Pix was still a thing? It's been updated for the modern age, with the new title "Kid Pix 3D". Now it turns everything into a 3D image so the characters can move around the screen. It has a whole space theme, and even a theme song!

If you're curious, it even seems as though there is a free trial on their website! It's just one of those games that really brings you back to your childhood and is so much fun to think about!