Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels

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Dreamy Vintage Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels

Planning a vintage wedding doesn’t start and stop with the dress and invitations; your bouquet plays a big part in the look and feel of your big day.

Look to Mother Nature for some vintage inspiration for your bridal bouquets by adding simple, timeless touches from days of old.

How to Choose Your Vintage Bouquet

There are several types of pink flower bouquets, but only some of them will match your wedding. To make sure you choose the best vintage bouquets, do the following.

Choose Your Era

What does vintage mean to you? Is vintage the 1890s Victorian era, or is it more recent, like the 1920s or 1970s?

Communicate what you mean by vintage to your florist. Otherwise, you may receive a bouquet that doesn’t match the style of your wedding dress or decorations.

Retro Bouquet Styles

If your bouquet doesn’t include roses, or you choose to wear lacy gloves on your big day, consider picking out a pomander bouquet. Teardrop or cascade bouquets are another classic 1920s bride staple, featuring flowers that tamper downward and hang above the hand.

Vintage Flowers

While it’s hard to pinpoint precisely what flowers are considered vintage, it’s easy to find which blooms aren’t. Tropical flowers, like calla lilies or orchids, were too expensive for most brides back in the day, so choose peonies, roses, carnations, delphiniums, and sunflowers instead.

Vintage Accessories

Brides who can purchase antique lace or brooches should incorporate them into the bridal bouquet. Some brides will cut up their grandma’s wedding dress if it isn’t in a good enough condition to be worn. Doilies and handkerchiefs can be used to wrap the bouquet.

Vintage Bridal Bouquet Combinations

Any florist will tell you that some flowers work better for your theme than others. For a vintage bouquet, you’ll have to combine colors, sizes, and flower types to pull off your motif.

  • Pale rose, pink gerbera daisies, and eucalyptus leaves.
  • White roses, mauve roses, and eucalyptus leaves.
  • Pink dahlia, white roses, and thistle.
  • Anemone, succulents, and billy buttons.
  • Lavender bouquet set with a broach.
  • Peonies, roses, baby’s breath, and foliage.
  • Craspedia, succulent, seed heads, and foliage.
  • Baby’s breath and ferns set with pearls.
  • Orange sunflower, baby’s breath, roses, and feathers.
  • Lush dahlia, lavender, and billy ball.
  • Sunflower bouquet arranged with a doily.
  • Pink peony and white ranunculus.
  • Pale wildflower bouquet set with lace.
  • Red roses, white dahlias, astilbe, and greenery.

There are endless combinations for your vintage bridal bouquet, so mix and match with the colors and styles you love. Consider wrapping your bouquets in burlap for a country feel.

Vintage Bridal Bouquet Flower Tips

Your dreamy wedding bouquet isn’t all about the flowers; it’s also about the presentation.

When choosing your vintage bridal bouquet, keep the following tips in mind:

Tip #1: Vintage flowers can mean full-bodied with plenty of soft combinations or pale and washed out. Antique roses, peonies, baby’s breath, and wildflowers top the list for quirky and vintage. Some brides even add ranunculus for some color.

Tip #2: Remember that vintage bridal bouquets are less compact. They rely more on texture and foliage, so you’ll likely see a lot of succulents, billy buttons, and anemone in classic bouquets. If your bouquet looks too heavy, remove the largest flowers first.

Tip #3: It’s okay for your flowers to look imperfect and a little shabby. The more roughed up they look, the more vintage they’ll feel. Draping your bouquet over one arm will add that extra vintage-inspired touch and allow bride