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Everyone Seemed To Have One Of These, Can You Find Yours On This List?

Did you ever want a pet when you were a kid? Probably right? Most kids asked their parents for a puppy or kitten pretty regularly when they are young, even though they have no real ability to actually take care of it. One of the ways parents would combat this constant demand was to get their kids a bunch of toys and would claim they were just like having a real pet.

Kitty Kitty Kittens were these little soft and cute kitten toys that would purr when you moved them. They had big eyes, soft fur and the saddest little mouth ever. They seemed to be everywhere for a few years. Kids were collecting all the different colors, naming them, and carrying them around as if they were real.

The noise was always the best part, because while there were countless kitten toys and stuffed animals, not a lot of them would purr! It's like all the best parts of a cat without the litter box or claws!

Which one did you have? I definitely had a couple of them! Look at the ones below to see if you recognize yours!

Did you have any of these? Share in the comments which one you had!