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12 Things That Only Make Sense If You Grew Up In The '80s

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Kids today probably couldn't handle growing up in the '80s. You had to walk everywhere, there were corded phones, we had slow video games, we watched a lot of commercials, and had "basic" toys.

Things have really improved since then, but at least we had a young Patrick Swayze.

I've been feeling very nostalgic about the '80s. It honestly was a great time to grow up. Here are 12 things that only makes sense if you grew up in the best decade ever!

1. Constantly having to give your opinion on who was better, Madonna or Cyndi Lauper.

Madonna seems to have stood the test of time, but I was obsessed with Cyndi in the '80s. I loved "She Bop," even though the song wasn't about just dancing.

2. ALF was basically family.

Kids today just don't understand how lovable he was.

3. Women walked around bursting with life. Their clothes spoke volumes.

4. Men had the best style back then. It was classy and extremely attractive.

5. Getting butterflies in your stomach just thinking about going to the arcade and playing Pac-Man with your friends.

The arcade was the place to be if you grew up in the '80s. It didn't matter your gender, you'd either go there to hang out and watch or you'd play the games.

6. We begged our parents to buy us Flintstones Push Up sherbet treats every single time we left the house.  

What happened to these?

7. Your Saturday morning wasn't the same without Pee-wee's Playhouse.

I've re-watched some episodes just for old time's sake and I really wish I didn't. The theme song actually scares me. Also why did it last for almost three minutes?

8. Watching TV meant you had to endure public service announcements that made you uncomfortable.

I still cackle at the anti-drug PSAs. My favorite is Pee Wee Herman's talk about crack cocaine. Crack is wack kids.

9. Sticking Garbage Pail Kids on anything that was considered your property.

I stuck Heinous Hannah on my parent's bathroom and they were furious. It took them ages until they were able to scrape it off.

10. Hiding behind the couch and secretly watching your mom's favorite soap opera.

I used to ridicule my mom for liking those "boring shows," but after I watched one episode of Days of Our Lives, I was obsessed with knowing every detail about those fictional characters.

11. Feeling nostalgic about an older time.

How time flies! The '80s is a throwback now, but back in the day we considered the '50s to be a major throwback. I couldn't wait to wear my polka-dot Marilyn Monroe inspired dress.

12. Placing a tune on a record player (or your Fisher Price one).

To think that these are antiques now!

What was the most memorable thing when you grew up in the '80s?

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