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Harry Potter Themed Make Up Palettes Will Have You Wanting To Spend All The Galleons

Before you get too excited, they aren't available yet. Disapointing I know, I didn't realize that until it was too late and now I am very sad. But, it's always a possibility right? JK Rowling has given us books, movies, websites, video games, theme parks, trips to Hogwarts, and more, so why couldn't she let us have some beauty products with a magical touch? These palettes were a mock up created by Spellsandstars on Reddit and Harry Potter fans were really disapointed that these weren't available yet.


The creator calls it "a different spin on fan-art" when sharing the collection. There is a different palette for each house, all with unique colors inside.

Gryffindor, Harry's house is known for its bravery and has it's main colors as red and gold.

Slytherins are known for their ambition with a silver and green based palette.

Hufflepuffs are the trustworthy and loyal who have yellow and black as their base colors.

And the wise and witty Ravenclaws have a blue and bronze themed palette.

The adorable details are what make it that little bit extra. The brushes are shaped like quills and each house has its mascot in the shadows. Comments on Reddit flooded in with everyone's ideas on how to get this product made and suggestions for some alterations.

So until these lovely items become real, we will have to settle for making enough fan made versions until JK Rowling takes the hint and teams up with a makeup company!