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15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up With Siblings

Pitchfork / Anne Elliott

Before we begin this list, we have to listen to our "sibling" anthem song:

While it may have come out in the year 2000, we've definitely said something along those lines to our siblings before the song was released.

Anyway, now that we've gotten that out of the way, we're ready to warp back to a time when EVERY SINGLE THING was a competition.

Here are 15 memories that only make sense if you grew up with siblings.

15. There was no way you and your sibling could go up or down the stairs together in peace. It seemed like every time was a race to the bottom or top, and that race usually involved tripping or pulling someone to get there first.

14. You always pointed out an unattractive-looking person in a magazine, photo, or TV show and compared it to your sibling.

13. You absolutely hate when someone says you look like your sibling. You'll probably say something like "no we can't be, because he/she is probably adopted."

12. You never trusted your sibling.

They would never be nice to you for no reason.

11. You and your siblings are the queen or king of exaggeration.

"You NEVER wash the dishes."

"You NEVER clean the litter box."

10. You'd never go to your room when your parents were arguing. You and your siblings would either be eavesdropping on the stairs or behind closed doors.

9. You struggled to have a serious conversation with your sibling because it usually ended up with you being made fun of.

8. You know you've had enough of your sibling when the last thing you say is "don't breathe my air."

7. Whispering curse words in your siblings ear so your parents won't hear.

6. If your sibling touched something that belonged to you, it was game over.

5. TV time was stressful.

You know what's going on...

4. There's no greater feeling than when your sibling messes up a task and you do it right.

3. Beating each other up was the only way to "solve" an issue.

Don't lie, it usually ended with a headlock.

2. If you hit your sibling hard enough, they'd start to cry, so you had to offer them a free punch so that they wouldn't tell mom or dad.

1. No one, and I mean NO ONE, could talk smack about your sibling. That was your job.

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