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An Old Lisa Frank Factory Is Up For Sale, So Now We Can Finally See Inside

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If you've ever owned a piece of Lisa Frank merchandise, you know just how magical the brand really is. They aren't afraid to make the most outrageously colorful items using the most preposterous characters, and all of us 80s and 90s kids were so grateful for each and every creation.

Growing up with Lisa Frank meant that we all had this idealistic rainbow world on our binders and in our hearts. We loved all the bears, unicorns, penguins, and puppies that made our school days a little bit more exciting.

But where did they come from? Where did Lisa Frank actually create these pieces of art that our parents just didn't understand? Well, one of those homes of Lisa Frank is actually up for sale right now, and you can sneak a peek inside to see what it was really like.

The factory was built in 1996, at the height of the Lisa Frank empire, and while the company's success continued to rule the school supply world for a few years, eventually kids seemed to no longer love the rainbow world.

At it's peak, Lisa Frank employed 350 people, but by 2013 there were only six left. This meant that the large factory was no longer needed, and has been empty ever since.

For years the building stood vacant on Lisa Frank Ave, but now it's up for sale, meaning we have a chance to look inside.

Even though it has been abandoned for a long time, there are still plenty of hints of what they used to do, thanks to the colorful pallet and the hidden animals lingering years later.

The building is listed for $17 million, which is clearly a lot of money but the facility is pretty enormous.

The 300,855 square foot building has 47,000 square feet of office space, and the rest is different warehouse areas.

It also has 30 docks, which are currently painted with all the colors of the rainbow.

Some of the other highlights of the 18.5 acre site listed by the realtors include that it is fully fenced in, has 359 parking spaces, and according to the photos, it even has an on-site gym!

While this doesn't seem like it's something most of us would ever even imagine purchasing, it's kind of interesting to see inside the building that was responsible for so many of our childhood memories.

At least Lisa Frank has kind of made a comeback now, so while they aren't in this Arizona factory anymore, the colorful company continues to live on in exciting new ways!

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Can you still remember the first Lisa Frank item you owned? Mine was a binder that came with a matching pencil case, both were covered in puppies and I used them both until they completely deteriorated.