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Lisa Frank Teams Up With Reebok To Create The Most Wonderful Shoes Ever

Lisa Frank/ Reebok

Back-to-school season is upon us! This means that those of us who have already grown out of the school years are all experiencing some stress that we can't explain. It seems like no matter how long it has been since we graduated, there is this permanent association with the end of summer that makes us feel like we need to go buy some new pencils.

The one thing that we do get to benefit from is the back-to-school fashions! Every year companies seem to put all their best stuff out when they know kids will be shopping. So, we may not be able to shake those anxiety dreams about taking tests, but at least every year we get new stuff!

This year's cool new thing? Lisa Frank has teamed up with Reebok to make the greatest, most colorful shoes ever!

Lisa Frank

That's right, now there is a Lisa Frank make-up line, Lisa Frank hair, Lisa Frank clothes and now Lisa Frank shoes! From your head to your toes you can represent your very favorite brand!

The shoes are designed by Lisa Frank herself, and they are exactly as perfect as you would expect. She said that “I’ve always been a sneaker girl and I’m forever on the lookout for fun new styles."

Lisa Frank

She has been known to make her own shoes in the past just for herself, saying that, “Sometimes I even make my own sneakers, adding height to a flat pair of lace ups. I used to paint my sneakers and everybody loved them!”

Lisa Frank

Well now everyone who loved her personalized shoes has the chance to win a pair of Reeboks that are covered in all the things you would expect from Lisa Frank. They are exactly what you need because as Lisa says herself, “Rainbow colors and fantasy characters never go out of style."

The Reebok shoes are definitely what you should wear if you want to make a big statement. They are bright, colorful and absolutely covered in adorable characters. They are perfect for those who want something fun and unique.


Unfortunately, they aren't available for sale yet. Right now they are just a one-time thing as a back-to-school contest. All you have to do is tweet your response to the prompt "What's your favorite trend from your back to school days?" There are two different styles to win, and both are equally adorable.


There are pink ones and purple ones, obviously, what else would you expect?


Each are covered in little images that almost make it look like every shoe is covered in Lisa Frank stickers, and honestly, we are into it.


If you want to win the shoes make sure you go Tweet @ReebokClassics & @LisaFrank and let them know what your favorite trend is from your back to school days!

Personally,  I think they should turn this into a whole line because I would ABSOLUTELY buy these!

Let us know in the comments what you will be sending them!