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17 Images Of McDonald's From The 80s and 90s That Will Punch You In The Face With Nostalgia

McDonald's was the place to be in the 80s and 90s. It wasn't just a restaurant, it was a party. There were toys, games, and of course...Happy Meals.

If you visited a McDonald's even once, you'll get insane nostalgia when looking at these pictures.

1. This Burger Prison

2. Spyware Happy Meal Toys

3. Magnetic Looney Tune Superheroes

4. McDonaldland Cookies

5. The Mac Tonight Commercial

6. VHS Toys I Always Wished Were Mini-VHS Tapes

7. Styrofoam Containers That Are Probably The Reason For Global Warming

8. Plastic Dinosaur Puppets

9. Video Game Consoles (Whose Control Sticks Were Perpetually Broken)

10. The Creepy Burger Stools

11. The Perfect Halloween Buckets

12. McNugget Toys (With Costumes)

13. The Creepy Ronald McDonald Bench

14. Tiny Toons Flipping Cars

15. Character Cups That Faded In About 3 Weeks

16. The Sonic Happy Meal Toys

17. The Amazing Dinosaur Toys That Were All You Ever Wanted