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How has Gambling Managed to Become so Mainstream and Popular?

There was a time in the past where gambling could be seen as something that happened in dingy, smoke-filled rooms where dubious characters played poker. Or, perhaps it elicits thoughts of the Mob running Las Vegas and shady deals and fixed boxing matches.Las Vegas of the past was very different to today with its glamor, cabaret, international standard restaurants, and state-of-the-art gaming rooms. Today Vegas and other gambling destinations attract millions of visitors every year and the image given off is one of class and money.How has gambling become something that is seen to be a normal part


Our Favorite Single TV Dads of the 80s and 90s

In the early days of television, most family shows featured two-parent households. Notable exceptions included The Andy Griffith Show and The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Dads were always right back then and squeaky clean. They parented in a firm, strict, but loving manner. Enter the 1980s and 1990s TV dads into the picture though and you had a load of hot guys playing the role of a single dad who had a bit to learn about life. They usually learned from their child in the space of an hour or less.Studies show that women file for the majority of

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New Standards Being Created by Technology in the 21st Century

With new types of technology being developed and the growing uses it has in everyone's daily lives, standards are constantly changing and being created. What we used to previously expect as standards have shifted, opening new options and flexibilities that would not be available otherwise. Technology has expanded significantly in the last decade, affecting everything from the way we work to the way we order food on a daily basis. Digital innovation has been a big part of that change, adjusting the way that advertisements are viewed and interpreted by viewers on their mobile devices and various platforms. Below are


Iconic Outfits From 90s Movies We Still Love Today

Although the grunge look pervaded the 1990s street fashion, 90s TV and culture, and seeped into haute couture, the decade's amazing films provided fabulous alternatives that managed to draw people away from grunge back to more refined, fashionable attire. As the COVID-19 pandemic sequestered most individuals and has caused a casualization of our wardrobes (50% of managers interviewed in a survey said their workers wear less formal clothing than they did five years ago), we can look back to these fabulous 1990s films for inspiration to rebuild our wardrobes for the re-opening of society now that we have a vaccine.

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The History of Roulette

Roulette is well-known as a classic casino game in both land-based and online casinos. It is based on the fundamentals of placing a bet to see where a ball will land once the wheel is spun. Offering a thrilling and elegant kind of entertainment, it has been popular for many years. But what are its origins, and how has it developed? Beginning of the Roulette WheelThere are various tales of where the Roulette wheel has its origins. The name itself points to where it was born; ‘roulette’ means ‘small wheel’ in French. Some sources date the formation of the game

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Top 10 IT Companies in Canada to Work for in 2021

We’ve just started the new year, and as has always been the norm, many of us have resolutions, goals and targets of things that we want to achieve. For a lot of people, getting a job or switching to a new company with a better workplace environment is often on our to-do lists. If you are in IT or you’d like to work with an IT company in Canada, then today we are going to point you in the direction of the best companies in that sector. For the most comprehensive breakdown of our shortlist today, we had

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Things to Do in Las Vegas

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot has been affected in Las Vegas. The famed city is not what it used to be, but thankfully, things are gradually getting back to normal. If you don’t like the continuous COVID-19 testing, social distancing rules and non-stop handwashing among other sanitization measures, you can still enjoy playing classic slots online from the comfort of your sofa at home. Playing online slots with bonus rounds, such as 40 Super Hot slot, will keep the gaming thrill alive as you wait for the roll-out of a permanent solution for the novel virus.While

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8 Things to Look Out for When Choosing an Online Casino

Most of the Polish companies that have ventured into online gambling are making good profits, which explains why many companies are joining the sector daily. Such companies are also trying to outdo their competitors by creating better offers for the players.Differentiating between a legit and illegal company is difficult. There has been a rise in online casino fraud cases, making most people risk their data and money.However, our expert Jacek Michalski, whose profile you can overview here, was kind enough to share the crucial tips for landing on a reputable online casino.Check the license firstThe government uses


Five 1980s Slapstick Comedies Everyone Should Watch

What ever happened to slapstick comedy?Slapstick comedy, sometimes referred to as physical comedy, was once a staple of both stage and the small and big screens. Prominent comedians like Chris Farley relied heavily upon slapstick comedy in order to get laughs out of their audiences, but they themselves were taking after physical comedians who traced their careers to the days of Old Hollywood. Perhaps one of the first onscreen physical comedians was Buster Keaton, a silent film star and former vaudeville performer who translated his remarkable knack of physical feats into deadpan comedy.Keaton was a huge success, with


7 Instagram Trends That You Need to Know in 2021

If you are a brand or a business and you are looking to add Instagram in your marketing strategy, now would be one of the best times to do so. With more than one billion active monthly users worldwide, Instagram as a social media platform is not only striving for success in fact, it is thriving. 2021, is a new year and with a new year comes a new algorithm, new marketing campaigns and so on. You will want to know what are the new marketing trends that are going viral, the latest Instagram trends that are actually attracting the