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Polly Pockets Are Making A Comeback, But You May Notice They Look A Little Different

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If you grew up in the '90s without a Polly Pocket toy, you must have felt something valuable was missing from your childhood. But like all things great, there is always a chance they can make a comeback. Luckily, it seems like this generation is choosing to bring back that awesome '90s vibe.

We've been seeing more '90s fashion trends like chokers, scrunchies, and round sunglasses. Now one of our beloved toys is making a comeback: Polly Pockets!  

These pocket-size cases containing miniature dolls and accessories were every little '90s girl's fantasy. Bluebird Toys launched the first Polly Pocket in 1989 and we were hooked ever since. That being said, we didn't know we would have to say goodbye to them a decade after they were released.

When the original mini-compacts were discontinued in 1998, people held on tightly to these collector's items. Just last month, we discovered that these '90s toys are worth hundreds to thousands of dollars!

For example, this Polly Pocket Wedding Set is selling for almost $2,500. Some other rarer sets have had offers of $100,000!

Before you consider making a bid, be patient for a few months. Retailers all across the U.S. will be bringing back one of our childhood relics, but they're going to get a little upgrade...

According to BuzzFeed, the cute collectible will have a new upgrade that includes several new settings, such as a tropical beach, disco club, and two-storey house. Depending on the setting, you can find new accessories like a limo or pool floats.

Some Pollys may be rocking a unique style as well, like purple highlights in their hair.

We're not sure the exact date these adorable compacts will be available at your local retailer, but it may be as early as June!

Are you excited for the Polly Pocket relaunch? What do you think about these upgrades?