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20 Retro Avon Decorations That Your Mom Still Puts Out Every Year

It's almost as if you can hear the jingle bells coming around the corner, because Christmas is sneaking up on us quicker than you realized. Celebrating Christmas when you were a kid was probably a lot less stressful than it is now. You didn't really have anything to think about, all you had to do was make your list for Santa and wait for Christmas morning.

Chances are you spent a lot of time looking at your family's Christmas decorations. Whether you were working on trimming the tree, or just hanging out with your parents while they baked cookies, the decorations were almost as important as the gifts themselves.

It seems like a lot of us had the same things in all of our houses! A lot of our moms would pick out their decorations from the Avon catalog, so everything seems super familiar. How many of these did your mom have in her house?

1. Every tree was covered in these

2. And these little angels

3. Mark the year with a fancy silver-plated ornament

4. A lot of us had a variety of things

5. Who else remembers the feeling of these little velvety little guys

6. The little mouse characters were all over the place

7. There were a lot of them

8. If mice weren't for you they had these bears

9. Or little elves with Santa

10. There were whole collections

Those aren't the only decorations we remember...

11. A set of Santas made every tree complete

12. Avon's "Winter Pals" were pretty cute

13. Sometimes our moms or grandmothers would collect decorative plates like these

14. No holiday collection is complete without some reindeer

15. You would put these over the Christmas lights and it would be so pretty

16. Nutcrackers were a staple in every household

17. The perfect little candle holder

18. The "toy shopppe" was pretty adorable

19. The ferris wheel actually played music and would rotate

20. These little salt and pepper shakers stood around the big tree which would hold toothpicks and make every Christmas dinner look extra fancy

Which of these Christmas decorations do you recognize?