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Frosted Tips Are A Thing Again Even Though No One Asked For This

Unless you were Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, or more recently Guy Fieri, there was no reason to ever have frosted tips. None.

Nope. Shush. NO. REASON.

Why not just go full blonde? What was the obsession with permanent roots? I'll never know.

It was like a calling card for all boy bands: someone NEEDS to have frosted tips or else what is the point.

JT had them.

Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees fame had them.

Joey Fatone had them.

Mark McGrath (ya, remember him?) had them.

But somehow, now that it's 2017, the frosted tips have gotten worse and more cringe-worthy. Continue reading to see the horrors that are 2017 frosted tips.





Now you can go right ahead and call me a hair-shamer. I will wear that proudly. What I will NEVER wear proudly is frost tips.

These are the only frosted tips I am here for. See you in Flavortown.