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The Original Cell Phone Games You Forgot You Used To Love

There was nothing as important as getting your first cell phone. That's how you knew you were finally grown up. Now, kids get cell phones when they are still just little, but when we were younger, our parents made us wait until we were "responsible enough" to handle it.

Having a phone was pretty much the best. You could talk to your friends without worrying about your parents listening in. You also could take your phone on the go so you could pretend like you were important enough to need to be reached whenever.

The absolute best part of most cell phones was the games. Turning on your old Nokia and clicking to that games menu was the greatest.

What were the best games we played back in the day?


On the Hagenuk MT-2000 the first cellphone game appeared and it was great. It was a version of Tetris that could be played on this beautiful cellphone.

Space Impact

When you were looking for something a little more dangerous you know you could play some Space Impact. Kind of like Astroids but for those who are far too busy to go to the arcade.

Brick Breaker

Not a lot of kids or teens needed Blackberrys, but if our parents had one or we were lucky enough to get one our whole lives were consumed by Brick Breaker.

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Nokia Ringtone Composer

Because why would you want to have the same ringtone as everyone else when you could make your own!

Pairs / Pairs II

Because Nokia was the BEST for games, they gave us all the best ones including Pairs. I wonder if this game made it onto the re-release version of this phone.

Snake / Snake II

The best of the best, Snake is one of the greatest mobile games to have ever existed. Sure, it's simple in theory, but if you played it you know it's a lot harder than it looks. Who doesn't remember the frustration when you hit the end of your snake by just that much?

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