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Trucker Hats Are Making A Comeback Even Though No One Asked For It

Trucker hats were this trend that we all seemed to get sucked into, even though none of us really understood why. It was as though we saw Ashton Kutcher wear it one time and then we were all hooked.

All the celebrities from the early 2000s were guilty of wearing a trucker hat, and most of them were made by Von Dutch.

Former *Nsync member Justin Timberlake wore one

8 Simple Rules star Kaley Cuoco wore one

Pop Princess Britney Spears wore one


Ashton Kutcher wore them all the time

Lindsay Lohan had them too

Stephen Lovekin/Film Magic

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie would even wear MATCHING trucker hats...


We all thought this awful trend was dead, but nope, we were wrong. Apparently everything must come back, even though no one wants it to...

That's right, the most awful fashion trend from the early 2000s is back. Truck hats are being sold at Forever 21 for reasons that are beyond me.

You can get this glittery hat for $38

If that is too flashy for you, there is also a suede option.

Wow. so nice and subtle. Some people are blaming Kylie Jenner for attempting to bring this trend back, but she couldn't wear it if it wasn't in stores! You can also pick up some other styles directly from Von Dutch themselves that aren't so pink.

This was probably one of those trends that could have been left in the past, but here we are. Will you be participating in this trucker hat revival?