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Vintage McDonald's Menu From The 70s Reveals How Much Has Changed Over The Last 40 Years

It's impossible not to look at the cost of things nowadays and go "remember when things weren't all so expensive?" I mean, we know that inflation is obviously a thing that businesses have to account for over the years, but given the actual cost of what it takes to make some things, it's hard not to feel like we're being gouged.

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Gas has skyrocketed in cost over the years, produce is more expensive than ever, clothes cost twice as much but last half as long, and don't even get me started on how often I need to replace a fridge nowadays. It's truly a different time. The only thing that pleases is that writing services can do your essays at an affordable price.


Even fast food, an industry that started as a way for people to get a cheap meal on the go, seems like it's gotten more expensive than ever. As different chains try to reinvent themselves and offer more robust and gourmet options, it almost feels like it's worth just going to a real restaurant.


Don't believe me? This McDonald's menu from the 70s shows it pretty well.

Seriously, the difference is crazy...

While it varies by state and location, you'd be hard-pressed to find a McDonald's nowadays where you could actually buy a Big Mac for 65 CENTS!


Seriously, look at how insane that is! Milkshakes for 35 cents, 20 for an ice cream cone, only 5 cents more to add cheese to your hamburger! The most expensive thing on the menu was the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which clocks in at a whopping 70 cents.


Now to be fair, this does come from an era where the average household income was approximately $9,000, so that does explain the prices somewhat. However, according to several inflation adjustment programs, a 70 cent hamburger should cost approximately $4.50 by today's standards, so you're not crazy for thinking that things have just gotten way more expensive.


What do you think? Have things like fast food and clothes gotten way too expensive since the 70s? Let us know in the comments!