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10 Barbies From Your Childhood That Are Now Surprisingly Valuable

Opening up a new Barbie was the highlight of of every birthday or Christmas when we were kids. Our parents knew just how badly we wanted those new Barbies and when they came through, it was the most exciting moment.

As it turns out, a lot of those Barbies are actually worth a good chunk of change now! Let's find out if any of the dolls that you have packed away in your attic are worth anything.

Peaches 'n Cream Barbie - $199.99

Totally Hair Barbie - $70

Dream Glow Barbie & Ken - $299.99

Loving You Barbie - $155.00

Pink & Pretty Barbie - $169.95

Just wait until you see what some people are charging for these other Barbies

My Size Barbie - $220

Teen Talk Barbie - $100

Walking Barbie & New Baby Sister Krissy - $179.95

Happy Holidays 1988 Barbie - $500

Pink Jubilee Barbie - $3000

Do you regret taking your Barbies out of the box now? At least you got to play with them when you were younger! It's kind of like the Beanie Baby craze, there a few that are still worth some good money, but for the most part they were just toys.

Did you have any of these Barbies when you were younger? Let us know know in the comments which one was your favorite!