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10 Comic Strips That Were The Only Reason We Liked The Newspaper

Let's be real here; when you're a kid the last thing you could possibly care about is the news. All that boring adult stuff just put you to sleep, which is why newspaper companies threw us all a bone by including the Sunday comics strips. Some of these have been running for decades (even before we got to read them), and we all loved reading them as kids.

Blondie & Dagwood

Young / Marshall

Everyone's favorite married couple had plenty of misadventures, and we still love them to this day.



Charles Schulz's Peanuts gang are some of the most iconic and funny in the history of comics, and reading them every week in the paper was a real treat.

Hagar The Horrible


Possibly the only viking in history that's more hilarious than intimidating, Hagar and his crew were always good for a laugh.

These next few comics were some of the absolute best.



The perpetually-antisocial orange cat was a personal favorite of mine as a kid, and his enduring popularity means he was probably a lot of yours too.

The Far Side


Gary Larson, absurdly weird (and absurdly funny) takes on life situations are massively entertaining to this day, and we love them.


Scott / Borgman

This was one for the older kids in the crowd, as it was a surprisingly funny and authentic take on being a teenager/young adult.

Beetle Bailey


The world's most incompetent soldier makes for some of the world's funniest comics.

Family Circus


It made a lot of effort to be wholesome, but somehow a lot of people still really enjoyed it.



A comic about a bunch of nerdy kids going on misadventures, the best part of this comic was all the video game references it made.

Calvin and Hobbes


Though the comic recently ended, it still remains one of the absolute funniest things ever written. The misadventures of day-dreaming troublemaker Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes were endlessly entertaining, and you owe it to yourself to read all of them.