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10 Times N64 Games Nearly Ruined All Your Childhood Friendships

Growing up, Nintendo was always a very important part of your day. Even if you didn't have one, chances are you had a friend who did. Sleepovers and birthday parties would be centered around the Nintendo, because obviously what else would you do?

When the N64 came out everything became so much more intense than it had ever been. Sure, there were multiplayer games with the NES or the SNES, but nothing quite as rage-fueled as the games that you could get on N64.

The competitive nature of all of our friends would bubble to the surface and honestly, it's a miracle any of us survived with any friendships. Rogue red shells, switching stars and licenses to kill really put that relationship to the test.

There are a lot of moments from all your favorite N64 games that will bring back all the horrific memories, see how many you've been blocking in your mind.

1. Getting hit by the lightning in Mario Kart


There is absolutely nothing worse than getting to the top of that big hill in Wario's Stadium only to get hit with a bolt of lightning that turns you into a tiny version of yourself, who has no chance of actually making it over that gap.  That's enough to make you rip off your friendship bracelets right then and there.

It's absolutely one of the rudest, most annoying, and most frustrating jerks of the Nintendo world.

2. Being on the losing side of a Chance Time in Mario Party

Mario Party was great and terrible all at once. The best thing about it was that it was like a board game with other mini games in between. The worst thing about it was that it was like a board game with other mini games in between. Yes, really what made it amazing was also what made it endlessly frustrating.

The real struggle came from landing on that Chance Time space. that moment while you waited to see if you were getting coins or stars or losing them was the most stressful time your childhood mind knew.

3. Someone choosing Oddjob in GoldenEye

There is this well known rule that circulated with the GoldenEye game that if you were going to play the multiplayer levels with friends there was a definite "No Oddjob" rule.

The fact that he was shorter than all the other characters somehow made him into the most unfair character possible and if you want to play an honest game it wasn't right. That didn't stop people from picking him though...

4. When someone got the hammer in Smash Bros.

The song that played while that hammer was in use was enough to send you in a panic. Trying to frantically run away from the person in a frenzy while also keeping your eyes on the computer players, and traps on the ground and the edge of the screen was a lot of multitasking. And our parents said video games wouldn't help us get a job...

5. When the mini game wheel chose Paddle Battle

Seriously why did this game even exist? Did anyone enjoy it? All it did was provide an easy way to rip your hand skin open while simultaneously developing strong feelings of hatred of your friends.

There are more frustrating moments to remember. Click to the next page to relive some of the most dramatic arguments you had growing up. Such a simpler time...

6. Trying to play the Donkey Kong multiplayer battle

Not everyone liked the multiplayer levels, but they were there and they were frustrating. Some people knew where all the secret passages were and had a lot more practice on the maps than their friends so they could appear out of no where and then start pelting you with peanuts.

It was a lot to take in at once, kind of like a cuter version of Goldeneye with monkeys instead of trained assassins. The cuteness factor didn't seem to negate the rage factor though...

7. Using a Boo on someone in Mario Kart


Getting that little ghost symbol as an item was a double whammy. Not only do you turn invisible, but you'll steal an item from someone else!

It wasn't as fun when you got stolen from, especially when it was something really good.

8. Getting hit in Diddy Kong Racing

It was so frustrating when you got so close to getting that power up, but then someone would come out of nowhere and slow you down. How are you going to win if they keep running into you?!

9. Getting stuck in an excessive banana patch


Some people plan out their bananas perfectly, creating a line that will take out the most people possible. As annoying as it is to hit them, at least you can respect the effort. HOWEVER...

Some people would just throw all of their bananas in a big clump that if you were unlucky enough to land in you would end up spinning forever until you finally ran out of bananas and were in 8th place.

10. Using a Blue Shell ... At all.

Obviously you are going to use it, but that doesn't mean you are going to have a friend by the end of the race. It's the last ditch effort to catch up, but mostly it's the final screw you to who ever is in the lead.

The worst part is that sometimes it hits others on it's way to the front! You don't even have to be in first place, sometimes it just gets you anyways.

Do any of these spark any memories of your childhood? Vote for which situation you think is the worst.

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