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12 Video Game Moments That Made You Want To Throw Your Controller

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Video games were a big part of our childhood. Some of the most fun we ever had was with a bunch of friends all gathered around a tiny TV, taking each other on in races, fights, or even sports!

So much fun...Nintendo

Sometimes, a game crossed the line from fun into full on rage-inducing. Some of us ended up with the shards of shattered controllers to prove it, often thanks to these 12 offenders.

1) Mario Kart 64 - Getting hit by a lightning bolt


It was especially bad when you were going off the jump in Wario Stadium.

2) Goldeneye 007 - When your friend picks Oddjob


This tiny jerk had the smallest hitbox ever, making half the weapons useless against him. This in-game decision often resulted in some real-world punches being thrown.


3) Mortal Kombat - Double Flawless Victory


Double Flawless meant you won a whole match without getting hit. When you pull it off? Satisfying. When it's done to you? AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGH!

Johnny Cage was the worstMidway

4) Donkey Kong Country - Mine cart levels


With split-second jumps and obstacles that straight up rushed at you from across the screen, these levels tested your platforming skills... and your patience.

OH NONintendo

5) Mario Party - Any game where you rotate the stick


You had to rotate the stick so fast it actually tore the skin on the palms of our hands! Nintendo even sent out gloves to anyone who wrote in to complain about it!

Brock McLaughlin

6) King's Quest - Rumplestiltskin


To get past Rumplestilstkin, you have to write his name backwards. Oh, not back to front, but in a reverse alphabet where a = z, b = y etc. Who thought of this puzzle?!


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7) Pokemon Red/Blue - Accidentally killing a Legendary


The Legendary Pokémon are so strong that you need to get them down to barely any health to catch them. Go just a bit too far though and you better hope you saved beforehand, because it's not coming back. Ever.

Good thing you saved your Master Ball... right?Nintendo

8) Super Smash Bros. - Getting grabbed by Donkey Kong


You couldn't do anything once he had you on his back, and we all knew at least one jerk who would walk off the level afterwards and kill you both.

9) Sonic Adventure - Big the Cat's levels


Y'know what this high-speed platforming game needs? Fishing levels! Fishing levels that barely work properly! Big the Cat's levels were the actual worst.

Seriously, WHYSega

10) Super Mario Sunshine - The pachinko level


Real pachinko doesn't make you do several flawless dives through the machine. This Mario level did, and it was infuriating.


11) The Legend of Zelda - Like Like eating your shield


Those things that look like Jell-O? They're called Like Likes, and if one touches you then your shield's going bye bye. This was never not frustrating.

They even eat your freaking clothes!Nintendo

12) Yoshi's Island - Crying Baby Mario


Yeah, babies cry, but Baby Mario's high-pitched wailing was so frequent and stressful whenever you got hit that it was especially bad. What a jerk.

What game made you the angriest?

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