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13 Overused 90s Phrases We All Thought Were So Cool

We all had those memorable phases and quotes that we used SO much in the 90s, all of which got really old, really fast. That didn't seem to deter us at all.

We used these sayings as though they were the most clever and original thing on the planet, laughing hysterically as we delivered our best zingers.

How many of these do you remember throwing around, or are you one of the people still using them?

Talk to the hand!

All that and a bag of chips

As if!

Biotch / Beeotch

The Bomb


Don't go there girlfriend!

Gettin' Jiggy

There are so many more cringe-worthy things we used to say on the next page. See if your most frequent catchphrase is there!

Oh snap





Which 90s phrase did you say the most?

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