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Which of These 90s Collectibles Was Your Addiction?

It was never easy to keep up with what was cool when you were a kid, because as soon as you figured it out it would change. There were so many options and they all came out so fast it was impossible to keep track.

Whether it was the latest McDonald's toy, the newest cards to collect, or a new doll, keeping up with the trends was exhausting. How many do you you remember collecting?

1. Puppy In My Pocket were a cheap (and useless) collectible we all had

2. Furby was everywhere

3. Anything with aliens on it was a must

4. Or a Yin Yang

5. And also smiley faces...

6. We had a bunch of Koosh Balls for some reason

7. As well as a bunch of puffy stickers in a special sticker album

8. That would sit on a shelf next to our Goosebumps books

9. Or our Babysitter's Club books

10. We had Power Ranger action figures

11. Silly Slammers that all just screamed when you hit them

12. We would read our Archie comics, both the new ones AND the ones our parents gave us from when they were younger

13. Collecting specialty dolls like Sailor Moon

14. Or the Spice Girl dolls

There are even more things that you absolutely collected as a kid, check out the next page to see if your favorite is on there!

15. All your favorite movies had to come in one of these cases

16. The true collectors remember putting their Beanie Babies into the plastic cases to keep them in mint condition

17. These little purring stuffed animals were the closest some of us had to a cat

18. We all knew someone (or were that person) who had an ENORMOUS Barbie collection

19. Or GI Joe collection

20. We all had Pogs

21. And of course Pokemon cards

22. And Garbage Pail Kids

23. And obviously you needed a Tamogotchi

24. And finally, no car was complete without one of these:

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. What are some of the other things you collected when you were a kid? Share in the comments!