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The 80s And 90s Were Two Of The Most Unique Decades, But Which Was More Stylish - You Decide

Some people claim that the 80s had the best style, while others are convinced that the 90s were the superior choice. It's hard to know who is the real champion if you are just going by memory, so let's remind you of some of the real standouts for both decades.

Now, to be fair, it's twenty years of fashion, so obviously not every trend will be covered, there are way too many, but we will give you some of the more popular options to help you make your choice! Let's get started.

Who had the better hair?

The 80s would probably be the choice of every hairspray manufacturer

The 90s saw the rise of excessive twists, random jewels, and butterfly clips

Who perfected makeup?

The 80s saw a surge of blue eye shadow and a lot of blush. It was a lot to look at, but I guess at the time it was fun

20th Century Fox

The 90s had a frosty look that was complete with glittery eye shadow, glossy lips, and really just sparkles anywhere possible


Bonus 90s makeup look - If you wanted a more low-key look in the 90s your options involved mostly simple makeup with really thin eyebrows.


But what about the clothes...

Who wore the better pants?

The 80s introduced us to the glorious comfort of parachute pants. They were super comfortable if you could learn to ignore the swoosh sound of your pant legs hitting each other

In the 90s, you could probably still find parachute pants, but the trend moved away from the tightness at the bottoms and just let them flow freely with JNCO jeans

Who rocked a better shirt?

The 80s saw the rise of the Flashdance-style off the shoulder sweater

Paramount Pictures

In the 90s, everything got a little smaller and tighter because crop tops were all the rage


And finally, how were the dresses?

In the 80s, dresses were often worn in formal occasions, requiring puffy sleeves, taffeta, and some kind of elaborate bustling system

But in the 90s, everyone wore dresses all the time. Probably because all of the Spice Girls did and we wanted to be just like them...

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To be fair, both decades have their flaws, but honestly both are pretty incredible in their own way. Which do you prefer?