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13 Costumes Kids Wore In The 90s That Will Make You Miss Trick-Or-Treating

Trick-or-treating was the highlight of fall. When you're a kid, there is nothing more important than your trick-or-treating plans. You have to pick the right neighborhood, you have to figure out which houses are giving out full size candy bars, and of course you need to have the best costume.

There is no point to going trick-or-treating if you don't put the effort in. Sure, some of the older kids would just throw a cape on and pretend like it was enough, but when we were young we took it seriously.

We didn't have a lot of control over the costumes because we were young and had no money, but our parents did their best and helped us realize our dreams. No matter what we wanted to be, they would find a way. How many of these 90s costumes look familiar to you?

Nothing is better than a bit poncho with the character you want to be printed right on it

It was always great (and a little creepy) when our parents participated

Two of the most relevant things of the 90s: OJ Simpson and 101 Dalmations

Plastic masks and very puffy Power Rangers

But at least they had the proper accessories

Raccoon Mario is arguably the best Mario

It's a good thing it says what it is right on it because I don't know that you could identify it otherwise...

The costumes just keep getting better...

Clown costumes didn't have the same spooky quality that they do now...

Meagan Kelly

I don't think the Ninja Turtle's shells have pictures of themselves on it, but I guess whatever works!

Everyone had to have their pumpkin buckets with them

It's really the only time of the year where it is perfectly normal to see a Ninja Turtle, princess and Frankenstein all in the same picture

Because it was October a lot of us had to wear sweaters under our costumes

Or sometimes we had to wear full snow suits under our garbage bags with a picture drawn on it and hope for the best...

Tanya Ruiter

If you want to dress like it's the 90s, we have some ideas for you!

Happy Halloween!