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10 Candies That Made No Sense To You When You Were Younger, But You Ate Them Anyway

Oh! Nuts / BuzzFeed

Candy is candy, which means it's mostly sugar, which means that it's nothing less than amazingly delicious. So, it never matters how it was made, only that it's been approved somehow and you can ingest it until you've had enough.

Here are 10 candies that made absolutely no sense to you when you were a kid, but you ate them anyway.

1. We all wondered why there were two wrappers around the delicious White Rabbit candies, but we soon found out that the thin white paper is edible.


2. What kind of sorcery was this? Hubba Bubba made some magical powder that turned into gum the moment it touched your tongue.

3. You never believed something so poppin' could exist until you tried Pop Rock candies for the first time. But how in the poppin' hell did they work?

4. I'm sure we all questioned how healthy these tattoo-printing Roll-Ups candies were, but we looked pretty tough walking around the playground with tongue tattoos.

5. Do you remember closely watching your dinosaur eggs hatch when heated up? To be honest, I still don't get how this happened.

Believe it or not, they get more confusing from here...

6. These thin, plastic-like sheets of mouthwash were strange, but addictive.

7. You sliced these Japanese rock candies thick and thin and these beautiful designs still remained the same.

8. These jaw-breakers could seriously break your jaw, but why did they NEVER finish?

9. Tomato-flavored sauce that came out like alien blood was cool to look at, but just strange for your mind and taste buds.

10. These lollipops that turned to whistles were awesome, but that meant you had to finish the whole darn thing before you could annoy everyone around you.

Which candy confused you the most? Let us know in the comments!