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20 Crimes Against Fashion We All Committed In The '90s

The 90s were one of the singularly coolest, yet weirdest, decades in history. Thanks to a combination of tons of emerging kinds of music, movies and fads-a-plenty, it was a decade whose fashion was just as eclectic as its entire pop culture scene. It was awesome at the time, but looking back at these 20 fads has brought back some memories we'd rather continue to repress.

When the brand you wore was anything but subtle.


No Fear. No Fear for days.


You could NOT be seen wearing a backpack over both shoulders.

Good Housekeeping

The Looney Tunes dressed up as the same kind of 90s kids we tried to be.

Warner Bros.

Seriously, what was the deal with golf visors?


Minidresses (though for some reason these never bothered me so much...)


The fashion trends just get weirder from here...

You weren't cool unless you had a pair of JNCOs that made parachute pants look like spandex.


I freaking LOVED my light-up LA Gears.

LA Gear

Platform shoes made a huge comeback, for some reason.


Starter jackets were a must, even if you never played a sport outside of gym class.


The sheer, unadulterated tastelessness of Big Johnson shirts.


Short sleeves over long sleeves (over short sleeves over long sleeves)


That "winning" combination of tinted sunglasses and a goatee.


We were all guilty of these next few mistakes...

I never understood what the deal was with bucket hats. Did you?


Oh god, Bugle Boy. I wish I could forget.

90s Vintage

Because you needed to keep your wallet secure to your pants at all times.


Did we really need THAT MANY butterfly clips?


Shin-length baggy shorts (okay fine I still wear these sometimes...)

Ralph Lauren

You couldn't be into rock music without a ton of plaid (thanks Kurt Cobain).


And of course, overalls over one shoulder.


What fashion disasters were you a victim of during your blunder years?