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15 Things Every Girl Needed Before Going To A School Dance In The Early 2000s

I have a confession to make: I was not a teenage girl in the early 2000s, or at any point in my life for that matter. HOWEVER, I did spend a considerable amount of time with them in the early 2000s (as a teenager myself, relax people), and thus got a pretty good glimpse at all the cornerstones of fashion that every girl needed.

School dances were where the ladies all got dressed up the nines, which of course meant that all 15 of these things were on full display.

Body glitter, body glitter everywhere.


Leather wrap "belts" that didn't actually hold anything up.


Waaaaaaaay too many butterfly clips.


The stretchiest of stretchy headbands.


Chokers, because nothing says "let's dance" quite like asphyxiation.


The skinniest of skinny scarves.


Clear sandals. Didn't Chris Rock have a joke about something like this?


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Von Dutch hats (which are apparently coming back for some reason).


Rows and rows of jelly bracelets.


Make sure to keep some Lip Smackers in your pocket.

Teen Magazine

If you're wearing a skirt or short dress, better make sure it's over top of some jeans


Layered tank tops, because literally everything had to be layered, from your hair to your clothes.


Flared jeans: the bell-bottoms of the early 00s.

Fashion Journal

Cargo pants in colors no set of cargo pants should ever come in.


And of course, all the Paul Frank shirts.

Paul Frank

What was your must-have fashion item in the 2000s?