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6 Things That Are So Nostalgic You Can Practically Taste It

Eat This, Not That! / Memory Glands

It was always so hard to roll out of bed, get to school, and try to stay awake during morning classes. But there was always one thing keeping us going through the lessons and work: lunchtime.

There would be trades around the classroom, sometimes someone would be nice enough to let people have a scoop of their Dunkaroos frosting, but if one thing is for certain, finding any of these items in our lunch would make any day better!


These were the bomb. What could be better than pizza, snacks, and dessert in a box? Being the chef to make it all yourself, of course!

Ritz Crackers'n Cheez

Another fantastic way to enjoy 'cheez,' I'm pretty sure we all accidentally sent some of the orange stuff flying across the room at one point.

Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks

These were totally healthy for you. Look, it says fruit right on the packaging! Oh well, they were delicious none-the-less!

Hungry for more?

Cherry Coke

There was always one lucky kid whose parents would pack them a can of this delicious soda with their lunch, and sometimes they'd even let others try it! Except for all those days they were at the dentist...

Cosmic Brownies

The absolute pinnacle of chocolate, they were the perfect way to end a lunchtime feast!


Here we have it folks. This was the 90s kid's jackpot if they got this in their lunchbox, and it really didn't matter which flavor you ended up with! We have no idea why they ever discontinued them, but we're super glad they're back again!

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