21 Memories We All Share From Spending Hours Playing Neopets

There are a lot of sights and sounds of the internet from the early 2000s that bring back a flood of memories, but just hearing the word "Neopets" can cause intense flashbacks. We spent hours raising our virtual pets and catering to their every need. If you grew up playing Neopets, these memories are burned into your brain, probably forever.1. First, you had to pick your petsNeopets IncAgh! This is already too much pressure!2. Don't forget to pick up your daily ration of omeletteNeopets Inc.The easiest way to provide for your growing Neo-family.3. And stop by


AOL Instant Messenger Is Being Shut Down, And It's Truly The End Of An Era

Growing up in the 90s meant that you spent all the hours you could online. Obviously our moms would kick us off a lot because we were tying up the phone lines, but when they weren't home we just had to get back on to AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). ClevverAIM was basically what everyone did everyday. You would go to school, talk to your friends all day, bus home, and then log on to AIM to talk to your friends again. Sure, it had only been about 15 minutes since you were literally standing in front of them, but there

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10 Things We All Did On MSN Messenger That Now Fill Us With Shame

The early 2000s were a tumultuous time with weird beauty trends and angsty music; we really had to find a few things to help us survive. The best and most popular way to thrive socially in the early 00s was to spend every possible moment on whichever instant messenger you were a fan of. MSN was by far the most popular, but there were also others like AOL and Yahoo. There were certain things we all did while using these services to make ourselves stand out, how many are you guilty of? 1. Typing your name out with aLtErNaTiNg CaPiTaLiZaTiOn


Did You Know There Was Actually A Reason For That Awful Dial Up Sound?

It's a sound none of us can ever forget. One we haven't heard in over a decade but it still is in our minds as if it was just playing. It starts off slow with a few beeps and a couple boops, but then it really gets into it with a loud: "Psssshhccchhhhhhh dingkinnnggchchch dingdong dingdong" and then it's over and you are connected to the internet. The ChiveDial-up modems were the best we had for a while, and while you may not remember the frustration that came along with them, there were a lot of problems.Now, anytime you


The Biggest Struggles 90s Kids Survived That Kids Today Would Not Understand

Growing up in the 90s presented an interesting set of challenges. We were the first kids to learn about the internet, we were able to survive without DVRs, and we didn't have cellphones. We really had a lot of things going on! There were some problems and struggles that are fairly universal that we all went through, and it's time to air it all out. Let's see if you ever experienced these dreaded problems from the 90s. When you were on the internet but then your parents needed the phoneWhen your tape would get tangled but you didn't have a