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20 Statements You Haven't Heard Since You Were A Kid That'll Flood Your Brain With Memories

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Growing up, there are always phrases that are pretty specific to the time period. It's the same for every generation. There's always those statements that seem so relevant at the time, but looking back it feels ridiculous.

Think about it, our parents didn't have flat screen TVs, a Nintendo, or the internet, those only became popular when we were kids. We are really lucky to have grown up in the time that we did, because we have gotten to experience the insanely fast technological advances that have been going on.

Remember your first internet experience? You can probably still hear that dial-up tone, can't you? The patience it took to load even a single picture was actually a super power. Now, if my phone doesn't immediately load a page, I get so annoyed. We've become spoiled by these advances, but that doesn't mean we can't look back and reminisce about our past.

These statements were things we said a lot back in the good ol' days when we were young, but probably haven't thought about it in a while.

1. Please can I use the internet? I need to feed my Neopets

2. Mom, do you know where the Kool-Aid pitcher is?

3. Sorry, can't take a picture I have no film

4. Aw crap, they didn't rewind the movie!

5. I'll talk to you tonight on MSN Messenger!

6. Hey, cool rat tail!

7. Let's see if we can get that new Aqua album on Limewire

8. Have you seen my Pogs?

9. I'm so mad, my teacher won't let me feed my Tamagotchi in class and now he's dead!


10. Mom, I'll be there in a second! I can't look away from the TV, I need to know what's coming up on Nickelodeon, I've missed it like, three times already!

11. I'm fighting with Jessica R because she took me out of her Top 8 on Myspace

12. We'll leave in a second, I just need to MapQuest some directions first

13. I'm off to the hair salon! I'm about to get those cool frosted tips!

14. Oh, you've got to blow in that cartridge, for some reason it never starts the first time

15. Awesome! You're new computer has a CD burner? Will you make me a mix?

16. I can't wait to get home and play the latest Sims expansion pack!

17. Hang on, I don't know, check if mom's done on the phone and then we can go online and Ask Jeeves

18. Mom, we got an AOL trial CD in the mail, can I try the internet?

19. I just need to make a title page for my book report, but I can't decide which Word Art to use...

20. I love Freddie Prinze Jr., his hacky sack routine was so cool in She's All That!

Anyways... I guess we will have a lot of fun in another 20 years remembering how crazy the world is now!

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