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Do You Remember Playing With These As A Kid? Because You Wouldn't Recognize Them Now

Being a kid in the 90s meant that we had a lot of awesome clothes, the best Disney movies, and the very best toys. While all the boys were playing with their Mighty Max figures, basically every girl had their own Polly Pocket.

Polly Pocket was amazing. She was such a simple concept that somehow managed to make us all use our imaginations.

All they were was the little figures that only moved in one way:

And the case that was usually based around a theme:

Polly wasn't a complicated or elaborate toy, but for some reason she still captivated us all.

There were so many different styles of Polly Pocket cases to choose from, it was hard to pick your favorite. Do any of these look familiar to you?

How about a Hollywood themed theater?

Or one with a cute little tent?

Did you ever have the vintage school house set?

Or one of the sets that folded completely flat?

No matter which one you had, they were awesome. Nowadays, Polly Pocket is hardly even recognizable...

She doesn't look like her tiny little peg-like body anymore. Now Polly pocket has arms and legs and is much more than a few millimeters tall. She no longer has the same little cases either, which I guess makes sense because she is much bigger and wouldn't fit, but that means it's basically an entirely different toy.

Polly Pocket no longer can fit in your pocket. she is a bit smaller than a barbie but she is still nothing like the original we used to play with. She has a bunch of different outfits you can switch her into, and all her playsets are full houses.

Not sure why they still call them Polly Pockets when they are nothing like they used to be. They used to have a theme and were specifically made to be small. Now they are just like so many other little dolls out on the market.

Even though they are no longer how they were, it's kind of nice to see something from our past has managed to survive, even if it is just in the name.

Maybe one day they will sell "Retro-Style" Polly Pockets that look like the old ones so we can show future generations how much better our versions were. I mean, sure, they were choking hazards, but we managed to survive!

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