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10 Feelings We All Experienced While Illegally Downloading Music

Downloading music may not have been legal, but it's something that most of us has done AT LEAST once or twice.

Whether it was because we couldn't afford to buy all the albums we wanted, the convenience of having it as a digital file or just the fact that we wanted to seem rebellious, we have all given it a try.

LimeWire, Kazaa, Napster and other downloading software were basically on everyone's computers in the early 2000s. There were this shared community feeling that accompanied opening up those programs, if you ever used them this will bring you right back.

1. How exciting it was when you finally got the software to download - which took hours because you were on dial up internet

2. How nervous you were downloading your first song

3. How disappointed you were then the song you wanted to download didn't have a lot of users sharing it

4. How exciting it was to find a song you loved that DID have a bunch of users sharing it

5. How annoying it was to patiently wait to get the song to download over snail-speed internet connections

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6. How frustrating it was when the person you were getting it from went offline (their mom probably needed the phone)

7. How annoying it was when your mom needed the phone

8. How embarrassing it was to find out you had a mislabeled song and not learn the real artist until years later in front of others

9. How terrified you were that your computer would crash or get a virus and you would have to tell your mom what you were doing

10. How satisfying it was to click a file, get it, and it actually was perfect. So rare, usually it went more like this:

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