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13 Amazing 80s Styles That You Know You Rocked

Kids today have a vague idea of the 80s through TV, movies and just general knowledge that gets passed down, but some of us actually lived through that nonsense. There was neon EVERYWHERE, and hair was bigger than you could possibly imagine. Not everyone wants to remember it fondly because it was a lot going on at once, but you know what, we should embrace our choices.

The 80s were the brightest, most colorful and perhaps the most fun decade fashion wise that we have ever had. Kids today may get little pieces of it here and there, but they will never be able to do it as well as we did back then! Which was your favorite fashion style from the 80s?

1. Spandex

2. Sweaters tied around your neck

3. Shoulder Pads

4. Tracksuits

5. Swatch Watch

6. Acid Wash Jeans

7. MC Hammer Style Pants

8. Members Only Jackets

9. Jams Shorts

10. Miami Vice Suits

11. Aerobic tights-bodysuit combo

12. Fanny Packs

13. Neon Print Pants

We all made some choices, but I think we can all admit that even though they were not the best choices, they were still pretty great. Good thing fashion keeps cycling around so pretty much all of these things have come back since!

Let us know in the comments which was your favorite fashion staple from the 80s!