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13 Photos That Will Slap You In The Face With Nostalgia Harder Than Those Rubber Dodgeballs

Being a kid we pretty awesome, I think we can all agree on that. Everything felt like it was tailored to our very particular needs and it was super fun.

There were countless TV shows, movies, and toys all built with our entertainment in mind. Sometimes when you see these things now you have this flood of memories flowing through your mind, let's see if these things trigger any for you!

Gym class scooters

Because who needs fingers?!

Giant parachutes

The literal best gym class imaginable!

Hippity Hops

Dodge Balls

Because it was obviously super fun to get whipped in the face with hard plastic!

Sugary Cereals with toys inside

Jump Ropes

Penny Candies

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Koolaid cups

Little Tikes Car

VHS tapes in white puffy cases

Smelly Markers

Happy Meals

Cassette Tapes

Which of these things brought back the most memories for you? Share in the comments!

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