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15 Things From Our Childhoods That Would Just Confuse Teens Today

Let's get real here, if you were a child of the 80s or 90s, you had the best childhood. Sure, kids today have things like the internet, unlimited access to every song or movie ever made, and Youtube accounts to make money off of, but we had fun that we had to EARN!

It's funny just how quickly things change, and if you were to show any of these 15 essential parts of our childhoods to a teenager nowadays, chances are they'd just go "...what?" (possibly while calling something else "lit" or something like that).

Actually having to DEVELOP PHOTOS after taking them!


When every cartoon imaginable got its own cereal.


Using this monstrosity to watch videos in glorious 240p resolution.


When this was what a top of the line cell phone looked like.


The only true logo for Cherry Coke.


When this was the only shape Christmas lights came in.


Thinking that this stuff would actually be any good (it wasn't).


There's even more nostalgic things that would just confuse the kids today below...

When this was the closest thing you had to Photoshop and you were totally okay with it.


Remember when CDs came in cereal boxes? Or when people used CDs for anything?

Museum of Play

When Doritos didn't HAVE to be flat!


There was once a time when Trix cereal actually came in shapes.


When your bracelet just had to cause you physical pain.


Being happy about getting 1:30 of a song for like $30 (in retrospect though this was pretty awful).


When THIS was how you made a playlist.


And of course, when a bunch of cardboard discs with pictures on them were a genuine phenomenon.


Which of these things do you remember from your childhood?