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6 Classic Lego Sets That Every '90s Kid Wanted

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There was no better teacher for this than Lego, which encouraged kids to be creative and discover different fields of history, science, and relatable day-to-day culture!

If you and your siblings had any Lego growing up, then you'll know how much fun it was to build these sets. Let's see if you remember some of the most popular collections from the 90s!

Fort Legoredo

This was an awesome set to start out with. You got 6 cavalry units and a small team of bandits to play fight against each other in this western world. There was even multiple buildings for your teams to "capture" before ending in a shootout!

Amazon Ancient Ruins

Ever wanted to recreate Indiana Jones? How about exploring forbidden ruins with danger at every turn? Snakes weren't the only thing to watch out for in this jungle set!

McDonald's Promo Set

What could be better than recreating the classic American experience of going through the McDonald's drive-thru? Complete with trays of food, your meal is gonna cost yah, check out the $100 bill this hungry customer has!

Keep reading to spot your favorite Lego sets!

Metro PD Station

Who didn't want to be a police officer growing up? For those kids lucky enough to have a set, they could recreate everything from a jail break to a high speed chase with a helicopter keeping watch!

Original Imperial Flagship

This classic pirate ship was a favorite by many kids, with its cannons, hoisted sails, and even a treasure to discover!

Galactic Mediator

The space explorer series was so popular that the first spaceman character from Lego was featured in the recent movie, finally fulfilling his wish to fly a rocket! You could have spent hours flying this massive shuttle around your room, landing the Space Police onto 'alien worlds!'

Did you have any of these sets? What was your favorite growing up?