10 Things That Were Basically Life Or Death For Us As Kids

The things you worry about today are nowhere close to what you worried about when you were a kid. Nowadays your mind is preoccupied with paying your bills on time, filing your taxes, taking care of the rest of your family, etc.Here are 10 things that were super-duper important to you when you were growing up. Some of these you may have considered to be "life-or-death"! 10. Not messing up the Scholastic Book Fair sheet.Reddit9. How you looked on picture day.Classmates8. Knowing all the words to the popular song at the time. 7. Not choking on your


6 Things That Are So Nostalgic You Can Practically Taste It

It was always so hard to roll out of bed, get to school, and try to stay awake during morning classes. But there was always one thing keeping us going through the lessons and work: lunchtime. There would be trades around the classroom, sometimes someone would be nice enough to let people have a scoop of their Dunkaroos frosting, but if one thing is for certain, finding any of these items in our lunch would make any day better!LunchablesMemory GlandsThese were the bomb. What could be better than pizza, snacks, and dessert in a box? Being the chef to


25 Crafts Absolutely Everyone Made In Art Class

I wish I could go back to the simpler days, when we all spent an hour of our day building some crafts with paste, cardboard and pipe cleaners. Then, we could bring it home and show our parents.You really don't know what you've got until it's gone. Take a trip down memory lane with these 25 crafts that we all made in art class at least once.1. First and foremost, we made this craft in every classViceA masterpiece.2. We all decorated our home with a few of theseFun Family CraftsWas anybody dumb enough to put an actual