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They Couldn't Afford Real Pokemon Cards, So They Made Their Own Hilarious Versions

Pokemon cards were one of the hottest commodities when we were kids. Everyone just had to have that Charizard.

The thing was, they were hard to come by and collecting them could get expensive. Of course a lot of kids managed to get a whole bunch of cards together over the years. The problem is that it's been quite some time since the Pokemon hey-day and we don't all have those old collections handy anymore.


What happens when you get that sudden rush of nostalgia that can only be soothed by playing one of your favorite childhood games? You improvise.


Imgur user tijmentio shared the hilarious photos of their attempt at recreating Pokemon cards. they said that "Roommates wanted to play the original Pokemon trading card game, but we don't have the cards and they're expensive. So we decided to draw them ourselves! The results are... mixed."

The cards turned out pretty excellent! They made hilarious little versions of around 300 of the different cards! Each of them have hand drawn versions of the originals, but with some slight changes.

They have a lot of personality that's for sure! Check out some of these "new and improved" versions of your old favorite cards!

There's even more where that came from! Click to the next page to see even more hilarious versions of your favorite characters!

Imagine the patience you'd have to have making all of these? Click to the next page to see even more!

There are even more of these hilarious versions of Pokemon on their Imgur page.

Which one was your favorite? Do you think you would be able to draw your own deck of Pokemon cards?