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21 Pictures That Will Bring Back Painful Memories Of The Early 2000s

Our nostalgia can sometimes cut both ways. There are lots of things that make us yearn for the "good old days," but just as many that deserve to stay buried, forever, seriously. Here are 21 memories that we've tried to repress from the early 2000s:

1. Wasting our money on these gooey aliens

Why did we want these in the first place?

2. Watching endless reruns of 'The Simple Life'

3. Coming home from school and putting a Heinz Baked Beans Pizza in the oven...

4. Then logging into MSN Messenger

Or AOL Instant Messenger (RIP).

5. Or maybe borrowing your mom's phone for some serious gaming

So stressful!

6. Remember when you weren't tired of these?

Comedy gold.

7. And we all thought owning a CD burner made us DJs

Speaking of music...

8. Trying to fit a Walkman in your pocket

The struggle was real...

9. And we would look forward to Computer Lab all day...

Only to deal with this.

10. Of course you had to accessorize properly

11. And show your support for a good cause

Or a dozen good causes.

12. So pull your finest JNCOs out of the closet

They really were a must-have.

13. And break in the bill on your new Von Dutch hat

14. Because I just popped the collar on my polo shirt, and that means it's time to party!

If fashion wasn't your thing, there were other ways to entertain yourself.

15. Here's a blast from the past:

16. Did anyone actually like these, or did we just like to torture ourselves by eating them?

You can still get them here.

17. And of course we spent a LOT of time on Myspace

We shared angsty photos of ourselves (like these ones, courtesy of Taylor Swift).

We spent a lot of time updating our Top 8.

Sorry Don, you're #8 this week.The Odyssey Online

And filling out surveys, because all our friends had to know what color our shoes were.

18. These eyesore boots that were absolutely everywhere

It seemed like everyone owned a pair.

19. When Jessica Simpson asked the hard-hitting questions

20. And we were obsessed with bands we wouldn't be caught dead listening to now

21. Well, at least things weren't all bad. We still had these:

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